This Arizona Man Has A Flag Challenge For Everyone In America

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Arizona resident Bryce Wagoner posted a video of himself and his #cat in hopes of renewing American pride and patriotism. Wagoner said he was tired of seeing disrespect directed at the American flag.

Wagoner isn’t looking to go viral and he isn’t doing this for a charity like the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, he is doing it so more Americans take pride in their country.

The challenge is simple and he explains it just that way in just 24 seconds. Wagoner challenges everyone in America to get an American Flag and place it on their front lawn, that’s it! Doesn’t sound to crazy right?

No matter where you live in the world, if you call that place home, than you should be proud of that place you call home.

Recently there was a challenge that went #viral where Americans were stomping on the American flag. These were Americans, living in America, going to school in America, working in America and there is no doubt some were probably getting some sort of financial aid from the American Government, all the while they were stomping on the biggest symbol of the Country in which they live in.  Sound like a strange and ridiculous challenge to me.

So props to Bryce Wagoner for creating a decent challenge!

Source : Youtube