This Boy Saw A Sick Girl On The Jumbotron, What He Did Next Was Simply Moving

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Nine-year-old Keaton Hamin was at the Winnepeg Jets hockey game when he became the lucky winner of a signed hockey stick.  While Keaton was admiring his new hockey stick, he noticed a young girl with a shaved head come down to take a look.  That girl was Alyx Delaloye and she was bald due to a battle with Leukemia.

Earlier in the week Alyx attended a Jet’s game and held up a sign that said, Chemo by day, Jets by night.  The team had invited her and her family back for another game and that was when the magic happened.

As Alyx made her way back to her seat after admiring the signed hockey stick, Keaton chased after her.  He ever so innocently gave away his newly won signed hockey stick to Alyx.  We all could learn a lot from a 9 year old like Keaton.

Alyx thanks Keaton with a gentle hug.  The pair were able to officially meet a week later at another Jet’s game.  It was at that Jet’s game that the team signed a special stick and presented it to Keaton for his wonderful, random act of kindness.

Source : Youtube