This Boy’s Reaction To Bullying Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart

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James is a special needs child who has learning disabilities which require him to be separated from the other kids in a different classroom. James shares lunch with all kids, and recess…both which he used to dread having to attend. James was bullied by other students because he was a special needs child, different from the others. That was until something awesome happened!

Five boys that were in James’ class decided to step up and put an end to the bullying. The five boys befriended James, made him feel safe and most importantly, made him part of the group…treating him no different than any other child in school.

James was adopted from an orphanage when he was just an infant but two loving parents. Sadly, when James was just six years old he lost his adopted father to a bicycle accident.

James’ mother couldn’t be happier to see the positive changes in James. James is more social, has recently started loving sports and other activities. All these positive changes are happening because of those five, loving and caring classmates of James.

In on instance the boys asked James if he liked to play video games. James let the boys know that he didn’t have any video games to play so he didn’t know. That was all the boys needed to hear. With their own money and the help from their parents, those five boys surprised James at his home with a brand new Playstation and a slew of video games to go with it. Together, all six boys played, laughing and having a wonderful time.

The world could use millions more like those five boys. Five young men who seem to truly understand what life is all  about and how caring for everyone should be as natural as waking up in the morning.

Source : Youtube