This Café Will Give You Free Burgers For Life If You Get A Tattoo Of One

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Café 51 in Melbourne is currently running a pretty unique deal. If you get one of their burgers tattooed on you, you’ll receive free burgers for life.


Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, there is a catch: The tattoo has to be to scale, and you have to pay for your own tattoo artist. Still, not a bad trade off for free burgers!

The burger you choose to permanently stick on your body is also the only free burger you’ll be able to receive. There’s also a limit of one burger per day.


Melbourne local Andrew was the inspiration behind the promotion, after he got this burger tattooed on his inner upper thigh, simply because he stated it was the best burger he’d ever eaten.


Café 51 co-founder Steve Agi told BuzzFeed six people have gotten similar tattoos prior to the promotion. People now have to register their interest online, and Agi says they’ve received over 3,000 applications in just three days.

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