This Camper’s Interior Remains Untouched Since 1953 And It Is Vintage Awesomeness!

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In comparison to today, the 1950’s were a much simpler time. Granted the world was changing during that time period, but overall, it was the little things in life back then that truly made that era spectacular.

In the 1950’s Americans were living large, both figuratively and literally. It was a time where expectations and limits were pushed, and things were huge and massive.

One great example of this is a 1953 Vagabond camper.

Recently, the Facebook page Vintage Camper Trailers posted about the camper and we just had to share it!

The Facebook page listed the 1953 Vagabond camper for sale, but many people were simply blown away by the camper’s awesome interior.

The listing price was a cool $75k!

It’s called a park model and was designed with all the amenities of a small home to be moved as needed to follow better weather or better jobs.”


The exterior doesn’t do this camper justice. It may look like an 8,000 pound tank from the outside, the inside is truly stunning. It’s a blast from the past!

Most of the interior is in the exact condition it was back in 1953.


The appliances are vintage and retro. As many of us know, these appliances were built for life. They were extremely durable and almost never broke down!


Can you imagine sleeping in this spacious bedroom? This camper comes equipped with two full-sized twin beds. In modern day campers, you can never find this!


What a great place to relax and enjoy a good book on a Sunday afternoon!


You would expect the bathroom to be small in a camper, but this 1953 Vagabond camper is built to defy expectations. There’s a fully-functional shower and toilet. You have everything you need!




This is truly a home on wheels…or rather a vintage home on wheels!