This Portable Coleman ‘Lay-Z Spa’ Inflatable Hot Tub Will Totally Make Your Summer Awesome!

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It’s called the ‘Lay-Z Spa’ inflatable hot tub, made by Coleman and it is one of the coolest, sweetest products we have seen in a while! This is one post you are going to want to tag and share with your friends and family!

You can literally take this thing almost anywhere…camping, indoors, outdoors…if you have a water source and power source…it’s game on! 🙂


The hot tub has enough space for up to 4 adults and features a Lay-Z-Massage system with 120 bubble jets, digital control panel, rapid heating system and water filtration system. Saweeeeet!


It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use with easy setup, no tools required…which also means this is perfect to take camping! (As long as you have a water source to fill it up)!

The water level reaches 23″ deep while the entire unit measures 71 L x 71 W x 26 H.


The pump plugs into a regular 120 outlet which again, makes this perfect to use in various locations! The unit also comes with its own cover to ensure that your water never chills out before you decide chill out!



The price point is great also! You can buy these in various places, such as WalmartAmazon or Target. There are a few different models available, based on your sizing needs too! The model featured here is roughly $399.99 and it’s on sale at Walmart for $349.99 right now! 


Remember to share and tag your friends! Maybe put the hint out to your significant other that you must have one of these! 

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