This College Freshman Makes Running 20.5 MPH Look Easy

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Meet Erica Stewart, an incoming freshman track runner at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette with whom I would not want to share gym space for fear of humiliation.

On average, a speedy human can reach a speed of around 16 mph. Erica, being an even speedier human, could run along side your car in a school zone with no problem.

Of course, Erica is shown here having a very good day, as she manages to not only be graceful at this very high speed, but also as she hops off the machine without even coming close to falling flat on her face.

Apparently a 22 mph rate is on the horizon and something tells me she is going to achieve it!

This is the type of video you are going to have to see to believe. Take a moment to enjoy this human machine at work.


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