This Company Guarantees That They Can Raise The Dead, Or Your Money Back

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Thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to start and run your own business. This easy path to entrepreneurship has led to the founding of some pretty wacky¬†companies, but the Dead Raising Team might just the most interesting we’ve ever heard before.

The Dead Raising Team, or DRT, is a team of evangelical Christian men who believe that they have the ability to bring people back from the dead using only the power of prayer.

This is the DRT team. Their story is chronicled in a new online documentary.

The crew is headed up by Tyler Johnson, who claims to have personally raised 13 people from the dead using only the power of prayer. In the documentary, Johnson talks about coming back to religion and discovering his “gift.”

Johnson was on the roof of the family house with his father, when his dad suddenly collapsed and his heart stopped. It was then, Johnson said, that he prayed and was allegedly able to bring his father back from the dead on the spot. Sadly, the documentary about DRT does not show them raising anyone from the dead.

Still, Johnson maintains that he has the divine ability to raise the dead. In fact, Johnson says, according to his interpretation of the Bible, all humans have the ability to raise the dead.

Part of Johnson’s mission as the leader of DRT is to teach others his techniques for raising the dead. He claims to have traveled the world and taught many his techniques. The real question, though, is can he actually bring the dead back to life?