This Dad Taught His Son To Use A Gun And That Skill Saved His Family

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Now this is a news story worth sharing! The right to bear arms is a right that should not be taken lightly and one that most everyone should live by.

In the case of Kiewa Mason and his 14-year-old son, Andrew, the right to bear arms saved their family from harm. Kiewa teaches his children how to protect themselves by the use of various guns. They practice gun safety, go to local shooting ranges and have ran through mock home invasions in their home. All of this proved to worth it when two men broke into the Mason home while Andrew was alone with his two younger siblings.

Once Andrew heard the men inside the home he grabbed a loaded rifle, his siblings and headed to a large walk in closet. With the gun loaded and ready to fire, Andrew came face to face with the robbers. Once the robbers came face to barrel they ran away, only stealing a safe and not harming anyone in the home.

We can all learn a lesson from the Mason family. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and should. As long as gun safety is instilled and respect for the weapon is taught, there is no reason why young adults should know how to protect themselves and their loved ones in case of an emergency.

We live in a harsh world where the bad guys have weapons. The age old saying says it isn’t wise to bring a knife to a gun fight, and that couldn’t be any more on point.

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