This DIY Faux Tile Porch Project Will No Doubt Add Some Serious Style To Your Home!

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Cory Tays wanted to give his grungy porch floor a makeover. So that is exactly what he did and boy oh boy did it come out nice!


He started by thoroughly cleaning the concrete. Then he rolled on two coats of Kilz paint.


The next day, he rolled on two coats of the color he wanted for his grout. Finishing the edges with a paint brush.


Once the paint had dried for a couple of days, he laid out his pattern. He had drawn out a sketch beforehand using the measurements of his porch to decide how big his tiles should be and how many “runs” he needed.

He used 1/4 inch tape to created the pattern. This isn’t as hard as it looks. He overlapped lots of lines with tape and then cut around my design using a sharp razor blade.


Next comes the fun part! He mixed and matched paint colors he had on hand and blended them by dotting them using a plastic bag. Consistency is very important here.


This is the finished product after he applied two coats of concrete sealer.


Such a cool, easy-to-do project that will add some flavor to your porch decor!

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