This Dog Was Chained Up Outside His Entire 15-Year Life…Until One Man Rescued Him

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This is such an awesome story and video. 

For three years, Jared had walked by a home in Phoenix, Arizona where a dog laid, chained to a fence. Jared had never seen the dog not chained up outside, nor had he ever seen anyone interact with the pup. 

For a few days straight, Jared fed the treats to the withdrawn and nervous pup through the fence. Finally, Jared couldn’t take it any longer. He noticed the dog had tumors all over his body and he looked as though he had never been bathed or taken inside. Jared knew he couldn’t leave without the dog. 

As Jared was feeding and petting the dog, the owner came out of the home. Jared advised her that it was animal cruelty to leave a dog chained up 24/7 and the dog needed medical attention. The owner stated that the dog had been chained up for 10-15 years. Jared asked to the take the dog and that is exactly what he did as the owner agreed. 

Check out the video to see just how happy ‘Rusty Diamond’ was to get a chance at a better life. 

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