This Duo Turns The Song ‘Shut Up & Dance’ Into A Beautiful Love Song

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They call themselves ‘Anchor + Bell‘ and they are a brilliant musical duo that is going to make a huge impact on the music scene.

Anchor + Bell are like the Civil Wars, Ben Howard & Ray Lamontagne got together, had a threesome and then somehow conceived a baby and decided to name it Anchor + Bell.  Yeah…they are that good!

This super chill cover of Walk The Moon’s ‘Shut Up & Dance’ is simply beautiful. At the tempo the song is played, plus the soulful yet soothing voices of Anchor + Bell, the song takes on an entirely different feel than what we are used to hearing. Their version simply oozes love all over you while taking you on an emotional journey of awesomeness .

Take a few moments and check it out below…this is a band that you will want to follow for sure because we have a pretty good feeling big things are about to happen for them!

If you like what you hear, check out the second video we posted. The duo does an amazing version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ with special guest Brett Young. 



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