This Extreme Artist Just Spent An Entire Week Inside Of A Rock

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Art comes in many different forms and so do artists. 

French artist Abraham Poincheval recently emerged from a hollowed out rock after being inside, entombed for a week. 

(AP Photo/Zacharie Scheurer) (© Zacharie Scheurer I

The 12-ton limestone rock had a body-shaped hole large enough to sit in hollowed out, while air entered through holes. Poincheval was supplied with water, soup and dried meat for the duration of the week. 

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier – RTX2ZDBC

This all took place at an art gallery in Paris. 

This isn’t Poincheval’s first round at strange art performances. He once spent 13-days inside of a hollowed out bear. Eeewww…gross!

Poincheval is already planning his next odd stunt, which will involve him sitting on a bunch of eggs, long enough to make them hatch. 

I knew I should have been an artist….