This Fireman’s Hilarious Obituary Is How All Obituaries Should Be Written

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Humor is seriously the best medicine that’s not really medicine, and can even take the edge off the saddest, most depressing topic of all: death.

We all experience the loss of a loved one at some point or another in our lifetime and laughter can certainly help ease the pain. Also, it doesn’t hurt that if the deceased loved was hilarious and would want nothing more than for his loved ones to carry on and laugh.

William Ziegler may have passed away, but he wanted to leave his family and friends something to laugh about in his permanent absence.

fireman obit2 firema obit2

Not only was Ziegler’s obituary funny AF, but he managed to capture the essence of his life. It definitely ranks up there with this amazing letter a mother who passed away from cancer left to her kids.


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