This Fitness Blogger Has Photoshopped Her Own Body To Show The Different Perfect Figures Throughout History And The Outcome Was Surprising

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Cassey Ho, a fitness blogger and trainer based in Los Angeles has photoshopped her own body to show all the different ‘ideal body types’ throughout the centuries. She says that the perfect body shape for women keeps changing over time. “If I had the ‘perfect’ body throughout history, this is what I’d look like,” she captioned in her Instagram post (@blogilates), which generated over 200,000 likes.


With the help of artist Daniel Kordek, Ho photoshopped her body and edited it to showcase all the perfect types with the explanation of what society had wanted women to look like during these different eras such as the Renaissance age, to the roaring 1920’s, up to the modern age. From the trend of being very full and curvy, to women wanting to tape down their breasts and be flat all over, ideal body shapes consistently changed as if it were fashion.

“Why do we treat our bodies like we treat fashion?” Ho asked in her Instagram post. “‘Boobs are out! Butts are in!’ Well, the reality is, manufacturing our bodies is a lot more dangerous than manufacturing clothes. Stop throwing your body out like it’s fast fashion.”

Source: Screenshot from Instagram

After posting all the different body types, Ho is amazed at the positive traction she has gotten on her Instagram account. Based on the feedback and comments on every photo, she feels that women resonated to these different types of bodies because it is a fresh perspective to different beauty ideals that are all equally attractive.

As for the fitness expert, she has her own struggles regarding her body type, but has eventually found what makes her happy and satisfied in her own skin. She has learned to accept and love her body for what it is. Ho told Bored Panda, “It’s impossible for me to grow long legs and have big boobs because its the 1990’s and then to tape down my boobs, and then to eat a lot to get to my 1400’s body. You begin to realize that, is that work really necessary? Because it’s gonna change anyway.”

After reflecting on all the different photoshopped photos Ho had, she was surprised that she didn’t prefer any other body type, but her own.


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