This Fluffy Little Kitten Became An Overnight Sensation Because Of His Unique Beauty

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Meet Nathanial and Elliot Green. They wanted an additional member to their lovely family and therefore decided to adopt a kitten. Thanks to the Lynchburg Humane Society, they came across Merlin in 2017 during the “Free Cat Friday” event, who they accepted with open arms as their new baby. This furry little kitten practically resembles a plush toy with lush dark gray fur and a pair of milky bluish eyes.

Although Elliot told Bored Panda that it was love at first sight when the couple first laid their eyes on Merlin, he also admitted that this cat was not their first choice. “It actually was my co-worker that convinced me to go in–she had just adopted a beautiful kitten from there. Browsing through the site, Nathanial and I had our hearts set on a Siamese kitten, but by the time I got off work, they were all either on hold or already adopted.” Despite this, the couple continued looking for the perfect pet while “the lady who had shown us around eventually noticed us indecisively meandering; she stopped to tell us that she had a favorite, but that he had some issues and was sick. She took us to the medical wing to show us this little kitten who was recovering from a head cold. When I was first told that he was blind, I was a bit worried. As a full-time student also working two jobs, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to provide Merlin with the attention he needed. As soon as I got to hold him, I think it was pretty obvious that he was perfect.”

Looking at this furry sweetheart, it’s obvious that he is a rare and unique breed. He is a mix of Munchkin and a type of Persian cat called Napoleon. “It’s a pretty new breed–by new I mean 20 to 22 years,” explained his owner, “Napoleons are pretty small, but they’re able to move around as easily as normal sized cats. For the most part, they inherit the Persian’s physical characteristics.” The most distinct feature Merlin has, which are his beautiful mysteriously milky eyes are not a characteristic of his mix breed but rather because of his blindness. Despite not having any vision, his dads say he enjoys his life to the fullest. “Honestly, we forget that he has trouble seeing. When we first moved to our apartment, he definitely had trouble navigating, but he learns quickly and really knows how to own the space. His greatest recurring struggle is from our coffee table’s glass edges: Every now and then, he’ll jump or walk into it, but we think he’s learned. All he really cares about is where the food is and how far away it is from his dads.”

The Greens were ecstatic that they finally found Merlin. “He’s an affectionate cat that loves being acknowledged and held. He’s never destructive or petty, either.” said Elliot, “Because he was born blind, he really has no concept of fear and so he’ll attempt to jump off of pretty high places. He doesn’t hide or avoid people–he’ll run up to the door to meet us and climb all over guests sitting on the couch. His preferred place is on someone’s lap.”

Thanks to his human parents who are both visual artists, Merlin is now internet famous with his stunning and entertaining Instagram page that has over 28k followers! Although the reason for his overnight celebrity status is pretty obvious, the Greens said they didn’t plan their baby’s rise to fame. “We just started accumulating a lot of pictures on our phones and decided to share them with the world. It wasn’t an account we were regularly posting on, but when we did we made sure that it looked good. Honestly, Elliot was proud of the way his apartment looked at the time and thought Merlin was a good subject to help show it off,” said Nathanial.

This happy family is so grateful they found their little ball of fur and they wouldn’t have found him without the help of animal shelters such as the Lynchburg Humane Society. “We’re grateful for animal shelters and the selfless, essential work they continue to do.


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