This Gas Station Has So Much Theft It Has It’s Own Youtube Channel With 2M Subs

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Theft from retail stores is a common occurrence, especially when it comes to gas stations.  A few gas stations have decided to fight the crime of shop lifting by exposing the thieves to the world via their Youtube channel’s. Some of these channels have become incredibly popular and while stealing is not cool – the store owners do make the theft’s quite entertaining via their videos.

Probably the largest and most well known channel being ‘Gas Station Encounters‘, which has a massive 2 million subscribers. Another favorite is ‘Fav Trip‘, which has a cool 77k subs.

Once you start down the rabbit hole of watching the videos on those two channels, you quickly realize just how many shoplifters there are in the world. People from all walks of life, stealing just to steal. While some may clearly be stealing to survive, nearly 99% are stealing just to get away with some free goods.

In many cases, it makes zero sense. The thieves will pay for gas and other items, but steal a 99 cent candy bar.

None the less, the owners and workers of these stores keep a good eye on their security monitors when potential thieves enter the store. Watch a handful of videos and you will quickly see a pattern develop among the different thieves. Many enter the store and look at the counter immediately, they will act over eager to shop and then look at all of the security cameras.

After the owners and or workers of the store catch a thief, they will follow them outside and confront them – often times getting their license plate prior to calling police. And of course, all of this recorded for our viewing pleasure.


The Gas Station Encounter store is so popular, many people walk into the store and immediately realize that they are in that exact store – just based on the popularity of the videos. The owners have their Youtube 1 million followers plaque hung up in the store so people are able to take a photo with it!

Have a look!


Gas Station Encounters