This ‘Ghost-Detecting’ Stone Supposedly Can Tell You If A ‘Good’ Or ‘Bad’ Ghost Is Nearby

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If you need further proof that there are supernatural energies (aka ghosts) around you, then this Amazon product is for you.

It’s called the Baketan Reiseki (which translates roughly as “stone that searches for ghosts,” and it’s made by a Japanese company called SolidAlliance.

For an item that supposedly has incredible powers, it operates quite simply. If there is a ghostly presence around you, it will change color. When there is no paranormal activity around you, it will light green. If there is an angel, or positive presence in your area, the light will turn blue. Negative spirit energies will cause the light to turn red.

It also has three different operating modes: search mode, automatic search mode and barrier mode. Search mode is a manual mode that lets you check the current area and is activated by pressing a button, while automatic search mode scans the immediate environment every 10-minutes. Barrier mode goes even further — it claims to protect from spirits, although it’s not entirely clear how it does this.

You can pick one up right on Amazon for $75.16. We can’t prove that the product works correctly, but the reviews on the product are actually quite great.

I literally got this as a joke assuming it was on some scheduled program response, but it isn’t,” wrote one buyer. “I live in Virginia which is steeped in war history, and so far the only time it turned red was the morning after a 3 person murder happened just a few streets down from my house. Look it up, Burke VA Oct.2019 1 woman, 2 males were killed. I ‘played’ with this for two days straight and never got that kind of response, and the first time it went to red was completely on its own, I freaked out, and when I asked my guides if something was happening dealing with the murders and did a manual scan, it went to red again. (sic)

Another review stated:

Whoa, this thing really works. My house and my car didn’t show anything other than green (detecting no spiritual presence). We took it with us to a haunted restaurant and some other known places with paranormal activity and got lots of light blue and dark blue light (benevolent energy). Brought it back home and things went back to normal (green). Haven’t come into contact with any red light (negative energy). Thankful for that! But this seems consistent and correlates to highly active places.