This Giant Swiss Army Knife Once Cost $1500 On Amazon, And The Reviews Were Hilarious

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The Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant is the largest and most expensive Swiss Army knife that money can buy. But good luck finding it online, because this Swiss Army knife that was once $1,500 is currently off the market. There is however — one option to buy the knife on Amazon and the price is a cool $9,999.

Why is this so damn expensive? Well, this is why. It has 141 functions and utensils that unfold from its 12-inch-long body. It has a toe-nail clipper, a mineral crystal magnifier, a laser pointer, a flashlight, a compass, a shoe spike wrench, a chain rivet setter and so much more. This Swiss Army knife is perfect for people who collect knives, or that person who wants fix anything from a small plane engine to their lawnmower.

The knife weighs 7.2 pounds and will no doubt make you a bad ass just for owning it.. And even if you have no desire to spend that kind of money on a knife, it’s worth checking out the customer reviews on Amazon because they are absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.

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