This Girl Thinks She Has The Longest Tongue In The World. Does She?

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Adrianne Lewis, 18, thinks she may have the world’s longest tongue.

The Michigan native’s tongue is 4 inches long and can reach her eye, according to a recent interview with Barcroft TV.

Lewis’ tongue will appear in Ripley’s Believe It or Not’s annual book due out in May 2016, Edward Meyer, vice president of exhibits for Ripley’s, told USA TODAY Network. The book does not have an official title yet, he said.

“She’s certainly not the first long tongue story we’ve ever done, but it’s definitely a ‘believe it or not,’ ” he said. “As an editor, I see that kind of story and it brings a smile to my face and I want the world to know about it.”

Lewis has her own YouTube channel where she answers questions about her tongue and shows tricks. She also tweets from the handle @LongTongueLewis.



Nick Stoeberl currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest tongue. His measures 3.98 inches, according to Guinness.

If you have a long tongue and think you are a contender with Lewis for the worlds longest tongue…send in your pic to us with the heading “Long Tongue” and we will feature with this article!

Source : Twitter – Youtube & USAToday