This Girl Was Drinking And Driving, Reacts To News She Just Killed An Innocent Person

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This video is certainly hard to stomach and shows just how serious drinking and driving is.

At the time of this #video, Jeena Roberts was 21 years old and being held in the back seat of a police car following a serious accident she had just caused. Roberts was driving along a freeway in Lubbock, Texas while intoxicated, her Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reaching three times the legal limit. According to an article published by Lubbock Online, Roberts, a petroleum engineering student at Texas Tech was attending a field trip before taking the wheel of her vehicle. Lubbock Online reports that Roberts was speeding somewhere between 80-90 mph before she crashed into an SUV, killing one person and injuring two others.

The reaction Roberts has when finding out that she just caused an accident that has taken an innocent #life is truly maddening.

After charges were filed, Roberts made bail and actually skipped out on her hearing which surely led to more time being added on to her sentence. This girl has some serious nerve.

Remember folks…don’t drink and drive…it’s not worth it.

Source : Youtube

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