This Guy Dug A Massive Hole In His Front Yard. When You Find Out Why, You Will Want To Do The Same

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Wayne Martin isn’t the kind of guy who just tinkers around the house in his spare time. Wayne does big things, big projects and in this case, Wayne makes a bad-ass wine cellar in his front yard out of a shipping container! Yea…this is no joke and not your typical weekend project, but boy is it awesome!

Wayne dug a massive hole in his front yard large enough to house a 20-foot steel shipping container. After sealing off the end of the container where the doors were, Wayne installed a smaller swing door on the opposite side.

Place the container in the hole, make a few stairs, dump some cement and viola…you have yourself an underground cavern of awesomeness, free to do what ever you want with! Well…maybe it isn’t quite that easy, but in the video below Wayne lays out his step by step plans for you. Just in case you have a little free time…oh…and roughly $13k kicking around!




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