This Guy Makes $250,000 A Year To Impersonate Zach Galifianakis In Vegas…Wait…What?

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Here is a little quick blip of who Zach Galifianakis is just in case you have been living off the grid for the last few years.

Zach Galifianakis enjoyed the sort of trajectory that most comedians only dream of. He went from performing stand-up in clubs and on tour, to performing his stand-up on television, to appearing in various television shows, to headlining his own television specials, to playing supporting and then co-starring roles in movies. He’s most widely known for his work as Alan Garner in the three “Hangover” films. Along the way, he’s won a number of awards for writing and performance, and has become a household name (even if people still have trouble pronouncing it). Like many celebrities, he is often asked to appear at a wide range of events, ceremonies, and parties. He can’t be everywhere, of course, but that hasn’t stopped one person from cashing in on his fame.

Now Meet Thaddeus Kalinoski, the man making $250,000 a year for never, ever breaking character. Kalinoski is Galifianakis’ eerily similar celebrity look-alike, and he’s spent the last four years making mad coin being everywhere for anyone who wants a little bit of “Hangover”-inspired love.

Basically Kalinoski never asks for money and just lives it up in Vegas. He is offered thousands of dollars by tourist to party with them, appear in pictures and spent weekends with them living this high life!  People will pay Kalinoski up to $1,000 per night to be their Galifianakis, have drinks, party and just be himself…well…kind of himself.

Not a bad gig! Well played Thaddeus, well played.


The Fake Zach


The Real Zach


Fake Zach

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Real Zach


Fake Zach