This Guy Makes ‘Dad Versions’ Of Healthy Meals To Trick His Kids Into Thinking It’s Fast Food

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The struggle to have your children eat healthy now a days is real. Back in the day, my mother would make these huge meals on a nightly basis. We would eat at the same time every night and all four food groups were always present on my plate. However, those days have come and gone, but some parents are still fighting to keep those super healthy eating habits alive for their children.

In a world where fast food restaurants are on every corner and advertised and rammed down the throats of every child…it is refreshing to see a parent take action and trick their kids into thinking they are eating junk, when it is actually super healthy foods!

This is Matthew Blake, with his two sons.

healthy food2

And these are his signature “Dad” way sandwiches.

healthy food3

“I don’t often get a chance to cook for the boys as I work so much, so when I do get the chance I try and make an effort to give them something they will enjoy and be healthy.” Blake, Metro.

healthy food4

He got the idea when he realized that his kids weren’t too thrilled with the culinary masterpieces he’d spend hours in the kitchen for.

healthy food5

“It actually started a couple of weeks ago at the start of the school summer holidays. I was cooking a simple meal of chicken and rice for the boys, who thoughtfully told me it sounded disgusting and would refuse to eat it.”

So he told them it was actually his own brand of Dad fast food and they tried it.
Blake’s favorite part of the process? Coming up with logos for the fast food meals. His son, Oliver, even asked if “Daddy-Donalds” could cater his birthday party.

healthy food6

Rock on Chef Dad…you nailed it!


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