This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A McDonald’s Burger And She Wasn’t Having It

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Most woman theorize what it will be like to get proposed to by the man of their dreams their entire life. They wonder how sweet, romantic or elaborate the proposal will be. Well…this poor woman didn’t get any of that:-(

Michael Joseph has been dating his girlfriend Ann for two years. Their first date was at McDonald’s and Ann has always joked that she will probably get proposed to over chicken nuggets. Well, that joke became a reality…but instead of chicken nuggets, it was a chicken sandwich.

Joseph had the bright idea to get in contact with the McDonald’s manager and ask for their help conducting his proposal. The entire staff was on board with helping so Joseph went for it.

One evening he picked up Ann and they two stopped at the McDonald’s drive-thru because Joseph was ‘hungry’. Joseph ordered a chicken sandwich, coke and some fries. After he received his food and then parked and asked Ann to check his sandwich to make sure they didn’t put mayo on it. Ann found his request to be quite weird, but she had no idea just how weird it was about to get.

When she opened the lid to the sandwich box there lay a ring…her face shocked…she looks towards a goofy Joseph, where he asks ‘Will you marry me?’. The poor girl had all she could do not to laugh, cry or even speak.

It was a hard a moment to watch as she started crying, asking Joseph if this was a joke. Joseph explained the entire plan and assured her that it was no joke. The final result…Ann denied Joseph and said no to the proposal. The two have said that they are going to wait until it is absolutely right to get engaged.

A proposal that may have felt sweet for moment…went sour really quick!

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Source : Youtube