This ‘Happy’ Song Is Scientifically Engineered To Make Babies Happy!

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Researchers in England recently created the first song that’s scientifically engineered to make babies happy…and it really works!

The C&G baby club approached music psychologist Lauren Stewart to create “a song scientifically proven to make babies happy” that they could give away to parents. Along with Grammy-award winning composer Imogen Heap, that is exactly what they did. 

The song was tested out on twenty babies. The children were all put into one room and although hectic at first, once the song was played, the babies immediately calmed down, became relaxed and happy! 

Through trial and error, researchers found the right tempo, the right sounds and the right words for the song. Once combined…the Happy Song was born! 

Check it out below and play it for your little one/s! Check out the making of the Happy Song below too!


The making of the Happy Song!


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