This Incredible Dog Walks The Halls Of A Hospital Spreading Love And Joy To Patients

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Here name is Nala. A small, black Teacup Poodle with a big, big heart and soul. There is something special about Nala, she has senses that seem to be out of this world.

Nala is dropped off at the nursing home every morning, the door is opened for her and she takes off running! Nala has a mission, she knows right where to go and how to get there, even riding the elevators all by herself.

Nala brings joy, love and compassion to patients daily. She seems to know which patients may need a little more time with her and comforting too. Nobody knows where Nala really came from, but the nurses at the hospital feel that she was sent from Heaven.

Recently Nala found her way to a patients room and sat with just her all day. That patient passed away shortly after their long visit. Did Nala know that this patient was getting ready to pass away? It surely seems that way.

Watch the heartfelt video below, it truly is an amazing story about one incredible little poodle.

Source : Youtube