This Incredible 700-Year-Old Salt Mine In Poland Will Take Your Breath Away

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If you walk around Wieliczka, Poland for a bit, you probably won’t notice anything too unusual, but this tiny town is concealing something absolutely incredible.

Located 1,000 feet underneath the surface is a vast wonderland filled with majestic rooms and scenery. Art, faith and commerce all come together in an unprecedented way and it’s all available for you to see, if you know where to look.

Take a look at the stunning pictures below! Just a warning, but after you see how gorgeous this place is, you may want to book a trip!

Everything looks normal from the naked eye! But there is so much more going on!



The decent down is quite a ways, but wait until you see what is waiting for you at the bottom!



It only takes 800 steps to reach the bottom!



The mine is complete with chandeliers and brilliant architecture. This is a mine like you have never seen before!



Super detailed sculptures line the hallways and go throughout the mine. 



Functioning chapels and cathedrals can be found in the mine as well. 


The largest of these chapels is St. Kinga’s, which features a wide variety of art and decoration.



If you venture far enough into the mine, you will even find a lake!



Think about it…all of this is 1,000 feet underground!



There are over 2,000 individual chambers and thousands of miles of tunnels and walkways. If you were to walk every passageway, it would take you over a week to do so. 


The structure was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1978.



This was a functioning salt mine for over 700 years. In 2007 the mine stopped production and is now simply a historical monument available for all to enjoy. 



Map of the underground salt mine

How amazing is this place? 

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