This Inflatable Camper Trailer Sleeps Six People And Even Has A ‘Luxury Lounge’

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There are a lot of pretty awesome campers out there, but have you ever seen an inflatable camper? They do actually exist and they are pretty awesome!

Check out the Opus On-Road folding camper, the pop-up camper that can easily be attached to your SUV/vehicle and features two fixed double beds made for sleeping, with another one that is meant to be used as an area for eating.

Keeping ‘glampers’ in mind, the inflatable camper also has a full kitchen and ‘luxury lounge’ for you to hang out in!

I mean, look at this thing! How awesome is this!

Retailing for around $18,000, you literally get everything you need to travel around and camp in style and comfort!

The camper trailer is fully equipped with it’s own power source and can power up anything you need!

Easily hook this bad boy up to you vehicle, make it to a campsite, hit a few buttons and your camper is fully set up!

You can check out the Opus line up of campers on their site, here!