This Inflatable Irish Pub Turns Your Backyard Into a Bar

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Irish pubs are known around the world for being a super fun and interesting place to hang out and enjoy a few beverages with friends. From the tasty drinks to the upbeat, fun atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with spending some time in a Irish pub! But what if you didn’t have to travel to Ireland to enjoy that experience? What if you could just go into your backyard and enter your very own Irish pub? Well, you can.

Taking a cue from those inflatable bounce houses at kids’ birthday parties, the Boston-based company rents out a blow-up version of an Irish pub, including the very real beverages for an authentic experience (sort of).

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The inflata-bar looks like a real pub inside and out, complete with brickwork, chimneys, a fake fireplace and light fixtures printed right onto the vinyl.

Inflatable.Pub – The MAC


Inflatable.Pub – The MAC

Inflatable.Pub – The MAC

The company offers many versions, the largest fitting roughly 80 people and smaller ‘pubs’ to accommodate smaller events.

In addition to whiskey and stout, the Paddy Wagon Pub offers a full range of drinks and Irish fare including Shepherds Pie, soda bread and curry fries.

Inflatable.Pub – The PUB

Inflatable Pub offers many ways to get your hands on one of their many styles of blow up pubs. You can rent one, buy one and you can even design your own!

Check out the video below — and if you want to see more videos, visit the Inflatable Pub website!

If you don’t want to design your own, you are able to choose from various versions and sizes of the pubs — such as ‘The Pub’, ‘Matt Malloy’, ‘The Saloon’, ‘The Saloon Das Bierhaus’, ‘The Bar’, The Tavern’, ‘The Mini Mac’, and ‘The Mac’.