An Inflatable Snowmobile And Sleigh That Are Perfect For Bombing Down Your Favorite Snow Covered Hills

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If you live in a place where you encounter snowy winters, you are most certainly no stranger to going ‘sliding’. There is nothing quite like dressing up super warm, grabbing a sled and bombing down a snow covered hill with friends and family! Sure plastic and wood sleds are cool, but now there are a few new sled players in town.

The company who makes the inflatable sleds is called ‘Funboy’ and they make some pretty cool products!

Take this inflatable snowmobile for instance!

The classic snowmobiles from the 70s are what inspired this particular inflatable sled. It is sure to make you nostalgic as you are bombing down the hill on a cushion of air. It is made from thick material and rubber, reinforced base with directional grooves. It can hold up to 250-pounds and is designed for those 14 and older. The cost is $99 but you can buy two for $169.

If the snowmobile isn’t your vibe, there is also an inflatable sleigh that you and another person can cruise down a hill on together!

The sleigh will hold up to two riders and with a maximum of 250-pounds sleigh. It has handles on both sides and is sold for $99. You can save $19 if you buy two for $179.

Funboy makes all sorts of awesome inflatables — and not just for winter time! You can check out their pics on their Instagram page!

Oh, and of course they do make an inflatable toboggan!

If you are looking for something more nostalgic, why not try this inflatable toboggan? One adult and one child can enjoy cruising down the hill on this toboggan, which will set you back $59. If you would like a pair of toboggans, the cost is $109.