This Is The Fastest Way To Pick Up Leaves From Your Yard!

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Fall is in full swing and nobody enjoys the mess that the falling leaves bring to your yard. We have all tried various methods in regards to getting those leaves picked up super duper fast. I know I have! I have tried mulching them with the lawn mower and using a leaf blower, but you are still plagued with a huge mess. Raking is so time consuming and picking them up is nothing shy of a pain in the you know what.

Behold! FIX IT Home Improvement Channel has a solution. With a simple hack to your rake, you can pick up leaves in no time!

Simply purchase two inexpensive ergonomic handle grips, attach them to you rakes and voila! You have made yourself a super grabber! Can’t visualize it? Check out the video below and get ready to make picking up leaves a cinch!

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