This Is The Holy Grail Of Hot Wheel Cars! Want It? It Will Cost You, Big Time!

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beach bomber1

Since 1968 the Hot Wheel Company has produced thousands of different Hot Wheel toy cars, trucks, SUV’s, classic cars and more. Have you ever wondered what Hot Wheel is the absolute rarest ever made?

The 1969 Hot Wheels VW Beach Bomb Rear-Loader in Pink is the hardest and most scarce Hot Wheel on the planet…and one in absolute mint condition recently made its way on to the show ‘Pawn Stars’. There are only two known prototypes that were made in pink, and they were not sold to the public…the one featured below…is one of them! Check out the video to find out how much it is worth!

The owner of the pink beach bomber is Bruce Pascal, and he owns over 6,000 Hot Wheels and was featured on a show called ‘Extreme Collectors’. Check out the video below to see his entire collection, it is incredible! Wait until you see what his entire collection is valued at…WOW!

Source : Youtube


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