This Giraffe Is The Only One Of Its Kind In Existence & He Is Absolutely Stunning

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His name is Omo and he is the only giraffe in the world with a white coat of fur. Omo has a rare health condition called ‘Leucism’ and researchers believe Omo is the only giraffe in existence to actually have the disease.

The disease causes the fur to become a lighter, white color. Where giraffe’s already have some pretty funky colored fur, researches believe that certain parts of the fur have reacted differently to the disease, causing the bright red colored portions of fur.


Omo has been getting a ton of attention, but animal rights activists are truly hoping that the attention remains positive. The last thing anyone wants is for Omo to be hunted by poachers.


We all want Omo to live a long happy giraffe life, with happy giraffe dreams and tons of awesome giraffe food!


What a magnificent beauty!




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