This Is The Workout You Won’t Stop Hearing About In 2017

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Whether you run, cycle or have a specific cardio workout routine that you do daily…you will want to try this new exercise routine that is gaining traction fast! Indoor rowing. 

The rowing machine is the machine that everyone avoids at the gym. For years, the rowing machine typically went from shiny new condition to dusty new condition as it would sit in the basements of once enthused rowers. 

Now the rowing machine is catching on and people are loving it!

Rowing is a full body workout…and a great one at that! Rowing demands the use of your arms and legs, unlike cycling, which focuses primarily on your lower body. If you nail down the proper form, it can help you build power and strength. Plus, it’s a killer cardio workout, and a low-impact option for people with joint pain. When done at even a moderate pace, rowing can really increase your heart rate — 30 minutes of rowing can burn around 200-300 calories. 

Special rowing classes are popping up all over the country and people can’t wait to sign up!

Most classes focus on rowing or distance, rather than speed. Often times, free weights are added to the mix and even one-handed rowing. 

So the next time you are at your local gym, hop on the rowing machine and give it a whirl. Also, inquire about any classes in the area that are ‘rowing’ specific! 

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