This Is What Happens When Someone Plays ‘Sweet Caroline’ In A Boston Subway

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If you have ever been or lived in Boston, you know how near and dear the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond is to those in the Boston area.

The song is played just about every single Boston Red Sox game and it is no doubt the Red Sox anthem!

Every wonder why the song is so popular in Boston? Well, it’s because of a lady named Amy Toby. Toby was in charge of picking music to be played at Fenway Park at the time, from 1998 to 2004 and she loved the feeling that the stadium had when Sweet Caroline was playing. However, the song didn’t become an instant hit with the ball park and fans.

When the song was initially played at Fenway, the Neil Diamond track was only played during random games, between the middle of the 7th and 9th innings. Soon, fans began to wonder why is Sweet Caroline played at Red Sox games as it was only played if the home side were winning at the time. Toby felt that the song was a good luck charm for the Boston Red Sox and in 2002, “Sweet Caroline” became an official Fenway tradition. To this day, the Neil Diamond song is played as the Boston Red Sox anthem before the bottom of the 8th innings at each home game.

You can check out Neil Diamond singing the classic at Fenway Park back in 2013 – further down below.

But what happens if a street musician starts playing the song outside of the ball park…in a subway for instance? Well, below is a quick video that shows exactly what happens. Everyone joins in! It’s simple, wholesome times like this that the world needs gain!

Neil Diamond singing the classic at Fenway Park back in 2013