This Is What Happens When You Fall Through Ice and How to Save Yourself

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Falling through ice on a frozen lake can be extremely terrifying, but if you remain calm, you can save your own life. These two videos below demonstrate what happens to your body when you fall into freezing water and how to climb back out onto the ice.

The first video comes from the Pike Pole Fishing Guide Service and was filmed with emergency crews on hand so DO NOT TRY THIS ON  YOUR OWN.

As the instructor demonstrates, when you first fall into the water, your body will go into shock for 1-3 minutes. You’ll start to hyperventilate, but resist the impulse and try to keep your head above water.

Once you have stabilized your breathing and calmed down, try to make it to the part of the ice in which you fell in from. You fell in on weak ice, but the surrounding ice was once strong enough to hold you, therefore this is your best shot at getting out alone.

Once you find a solid piece of ice, pull yourself up, staying as horizontal as you possibly can. Kick you legs in the water in order to push yourself up on to the ice. The most important part about this entire process is once you are out of the water. DO NOT stand up immediately. You want to keep your weight as evenly distributed as possible. While on your stomach, crawl or slither rather, towards the strong parts of the ice, then you will be able to stand up and head to safety.

Once safe, remove all of your wet clothing immediately. Keeping the wet clothing on in frigid temperatures will only increase the time frame in which hypothermia can set it. Try to get into warm clothing or a blanket as soon as possible.

This video made the rounds on social media and it is a wonderful example on how to survive falling through the ice if you are alone.

Man Demonstrates How To Self-Rescue When You Fall Through Ice

This could be one of the most important videos you ever watch.

Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, October 13, 2019