This Man Didn’t Feel His Traffic Ticket Was Fair And He Let The Officer Know Why

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Recently police officers seem to be walking a fine line between what is just and unjust.

Take this situation for example. A black man is pulled over by a white female officer. The officer asks the man for his license, registration and proof of insurance. The man kindly states that the items she is requesting are in the glove box. The officer advises the man to NOT retrieve the items from the glove box. Her reasoning…because she doesn’t know what he is going to reach for.

The officer leaves and heads back to her cruiser where the supposed traffic violator takes out his cell phone and begins to record himself explaining the situation at hand.

The man was given a $10 ticket for not showing proof of insurance. However, the man clearly stated to the officer multiple times that he has insurance and the proof is in the glove compartment of the car. The officer, again states that she doesn’t want him reaching for anything.

The man tells the officer that she is afraid and should not be in the position of being a police officer if she is that afraid of a black man reaching into his glove compartment.

What do you think? Should the man have received a failure to produce violation when he was told by the officer NOT to retrieve the proof in question?

Let us know in the comments after you watch the video.

(via – WSHH)