This Master Rubik’s Cube Magician Dupes Two Of The World’s Most Famous Illusionists

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Steven Brundage can solve the Rubik’s cube in a blink of an eye…or can he?

Brudage appeared on the television show ‘Fool Us’ where contestants try to fool two of the world’s most famous illusionists, Penn & Teller.

Brundage performs a barrage of incredible illusions using only a Rubik’s cube. His technique is flawless and after his routine, earned him the you fooled us trophy!

Brundage is a practicing magician based out of upstate New York. In a Reddit AskMeAnything, he says that he has a Rubik’s cube on his person “about 99% of the time.” While he won’t give away his magic secrets (that’s totally against the Magician Alliance code, of course), he does specify that he uses three different methods to match a Rubik’s cube, using between two and three different cubes apiece. Magicians refer to tricks using Rubik’s cubes as “cubing” magic and, as you might expect, Brundage can solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle normally in about 30 seconds flat.


Check it out, it’s pretty awesome!


(via – Youtube)