This Mattress Will Allow You To Become Bunk Mates With Your Pet!

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Sometimes pets make the best bunk mates, unless they snore!

The mattress company Colchão Inteligente Postural’s designed a mattress that will allow you to share a bed with your pet without having your pet all over you or hogging your side of the bed!

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Basically it is a removable box that also functions as a pet bed, which in fact can be custom made to fit your pet. It can indeed be removed and cleaned using simply a damp cloth. You can also customize it with a curtain, which is also removable.

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It was back in 2013 when CEO Filipe Machado Guterson made the first pet bed for a client who wanted to sleep with their dog, but didn’t want the dog in their bed. The custom pet-bed-mattress was then born!

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