This Motorized Pool Lounger Will Let You Cruise Around Like A Boss

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If floating around in a motorized inflatable lounger with a tasty adult beverage by your side is your thing…well than, this is for you! 

You can grab the ‘Splash Runner motorized pool float‘ on Amazon right now and get your cruise on!

Here are some highlights!

1. IT’S LIKE A SPEEDBOAT FOR ONE. There are all kinds of inflatable boats, floats and rafts that can fit up to six people or more, but lets be real…this one is actually motorized! You can use the controllers on the armrests to navigate yourself around the pool or lake! Cruise by a neighbors dock and give a friendly hello, or tip your glass of chardonnay to them as they wallow in your awesomeness!

2. IT’S HEAVY-DUTY SO IT’LL LAST YOU FOR A LONG TIME. The Splash Runner is made from hardcore PVC vinyl which means it won’t rip or tear easily. If your floating wonder should spring a leak, you are provided with a patch and patch kit when you purchase the float!

3. THERE ARE TWO INDEPENDENT CONTROLS AND 66-WATT MOTORS. That means you can use the controls on the armrests to go in circles, move forward, backward, sideways, etc. The Splash Runner gives you a 360-degree range of motion.

4. IT’S BATTERY OPERATED SO NO NEED TO CHARGE. The Splash Runner uses 12 D-cell batteries. That may seem like a ton of batteries, but can you really put a price on cruising around in your own float? Well you can…it’s roughly the cost of 12 D batteries. But hey, who cares! Get out there cruise!

5. IT MOVES THAT 3 MILES PER HOUR. 3 miles per hour may not seem that fast, well…because it isn’t. But think about hitting a few wakes on the lake with this and you will be cruising! You will probably also be the only motorized float on the lake, so that’s pretty cool!


6. IT MAKES POOL TIME SO MUCH MORE FUN. Just think of the fun you could have in your pool terrorizing loved ones as you chase them around!

All of this fun for just $200! Sign me up!