This New Years Memory Jar Is A Must! Better Than Any New Years Resolution!

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Well this idea is much better than a New Years resolution and will surely be a super fun way to start off the new year as well as end a year. #DIY

Here is how it works!

  • This January, start the year with an empty jar!
  • Each week, add a note to the jar with a good thing that happened!
  • On New Years Eve, empty the jar and read about the amazing year you had!

Feel free to be creative with this idea too! 

  • Add one note per day!
  • Have multiple jars, one for each family member!
  • Slip a few secret notes into your significant others jar throughout the year! It will be a nice surprise when you are going through them at the end of the year!

How cool is this? What a way fun way to spend New Years Eve with your loved ones!

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new years jar

Photo credit : Coupons4Utah

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