This One-Armed Musician And Athlete Will Remind You Everything Is Possible

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On the days where we think everything is hopeless, what we need most is a little injection of positivity for us to realize that we are more capable than we think! And here my friends, is the perfect injection for your day.

How can we say we are not capable of everything we desire after watching this video?


Manami Ito lost her right arm in a traffic accident while pursuing her nursing career back in 2004.  Forced to deal with this life changing event, Manami had no other choice but to temporarily give up on her dreams of being a nurse. As she went to the facility to have her new arm set in place, she was amazed to see other people with the same disabilities continue on with their hobbies such as playing basketball.

Manami got inspired at this sight to continue pursuing her own dreams. This motivated her to think positively, overcome her own fears and obstacles and set new goals for herself.


Since her accident back in 2004, Manami has finally graduated to become the very first nurse in Japan to have a prosthetic, as well as a world-renowned Paralympian swimmer.  She was awarded 4th in the 100m Breaststroke at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and 8th at the 2012 London Paralympics. Aside from these two wonderful talents, Manami has also begun touring the country with yet another notch under her belt of playing professional violin.

Manami is able to play the violin with amazing precision thanks to a customised prosthetic bow. She describes this tool as lightweight and tried using it for the first time in 2016. Years later, she still shares her unique talent with the world.

Watch the Facebook video below to see Manami perform Thread by Miyuki Nakajima.  Performed last September 2, 2018 at the Takarazuka City General Welfare Center in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.


Watch the video below.