This Person’s Drawings Of People Are So Bad They’re Good

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For under $15 you can get yourself a framed drawing of any photo you send to Philmy Portraits. The drawings are so bad, they are good and they are becoming an internet sensation!

Philmy started sharing his drawing on Facebook a while back, but it wasn’t until this year – that he truly started to blow up – and now runs a full time business creating drawings and shipping them all over the world!

There is no doubt that Philmy’s success is partly due to the nature of his drawings. They truly look as though a child drew them, but there is a fun and exciting aspect to his drawings. They are light, happy and you truly can’t wait to see what he came up with after you submit your own photo to Philmy.



If you check out the Philmy Portraits Facebook page, you will most certainly have a good laugh and a good time checking out the hundreds upon hundreds of drawings he has commissioned.

From people and places to dogs and special events, this guy will draw anything you send him!!!

Here are a just a few of his portraits! He is pretty much a modern day Picasso.