This Playful Artist Tries To Confuse Passersby With Fake Shadows Of Objects In The Street

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Source: Damon Belanger

American artist Damon Belanger was commissioned to set in place 20 fake shadows in the downtown area of Redwood City to make the place more interesting. Damon is a graphic artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been active in the local art scene for 10 years. He beat 7 other artists in a competition to determine who will get to do the job. These shadow-art creations are his most recent work.

Most people don’t notice shadows, unless it looks weird…often times a double-look is necessary…and if it really is very out-of-the-ordinary, can elicit awe or even shock. Here are some of Damon’s creations:


The mailbox monster.


“The theme of the project is cartoons, robots, and whimsical creatures,” Damon explains. One look…or surely a double-take..of the mailbox shadow is enough to make you jump.


Street bike racks with smiling flowers.


Talk about whimsical…these smiling flowers look like they came out of the ‘Plants vs Zombies’ game…and guess who the zombies are…


Robot-monster bike rack.


Another bike rack shadow to watch out for.


Pay the monkey parking meters.

Source: Damon Belanger

The monkey will surely remind you to pay the meter when you park…


The rail fence cartoon train.


An ordinary metal rail fence with a “loco”motive shadow.


The fire hydrant labyrinth.


A maze going nowhere…try not to strain your eyes.


Street lamp fire-breathing dragons.


An original and different way to “light up” the streets…


Belanger does not like to explain his shadow art creations. He believes it’s up to the onlookers to decipher the shadows for themselves…it adds to the mystery and fun of it all. “ It’s more fun when you come around a corner and see an unexpected monster pop up on the sidewalk,” he says. 

Thanks to Damon Belanger’s shadow art, downtown Redwood City is more alive and interesting. But if you are afraid of your own shadow…then prepare to get hysterically scared…


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