This Police Officer Can Double Dutch Better Than You! Officer’s Jump Rope Video Goes Viral

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AWESOMEIt is nice to see some positive video involving a police officer after all of the hatred that has been in the media in regards to police officers, race, violence and civilian anger. And look…this is a white officer, having a good time with black civilians, oh my…get a grip people…WE ARE ALL HUMAN…nobody should care about the color of someone’s skin, plain and simple! We do all share the same planet, breathe the same air, our food goes in and out the same way and we all have a heart.

Ever notice that major news outlets have been throwing race into every crime story lately? Yet, when they share something like the video below, they don’t ever bring up race in a positive manner. Well, I guess that is why we are here…because we are awesome….jelly.

Thank you or listening to that rant and feel free to add some of your own positivity in the Facebook comments below! No back to the video at hand!

This Maryland police officer has some serious jump roping skills. He jumps into a game of double dutch and with ease…nails it!

Corporal Alan Jones, who uploaded the video on his Facebook page for his other job as a realtor. The moment happened last Saturday during Community Day at the Victorious Life of Faith church in District Heights. Cpl. Jones joined other Prince George’s County police officers at the event.

Take a look, because it is going viral in a big way!

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