This Remote Controlled Lawn Mower Will Forever Change How You Mow Your Lawn!

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It’s called the ‘Spider Mini RC Mower‘ and it is the coolest thing to happen to lawn mowing in a very long time! This thing is awesome!

With this little buggy you can sit back, relax, have yourself a cold beverage and mow your lawn…all via remote control!

maxresdefault (40)

The unit features four wheel drive too, which will ensure great performance on slopes and in heavy terrain.

You can even add a small plowing blade to the front to take keep your driveway clean and clear during the winter months….all from the comfort of your warm home!

The company currently makes three models which feature various power levels and deck sizes. 

Pricing on the units is a tad hard to find without reaching out to the company. However, we did find a dealer in New Zealand who shows their pricing. Converted from New Zealand dollars to USD, here is the break down. 

  • The Mini – Roughly $10,000 USD
  • The ILD01 – Roughly $20,800 USD
  • The ILD02 – Roughly $35,000 USD

So, with that said…maybe your old push mower isn’t looking so bad:-)

mini spider



Want one of these bad boys? Here is where you can get all the information on them


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