This Site Will Make A Stuffed Animal Clone Of Your Pet

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Saying goodbye to a pet is incredibly tough. One company, wants to make that experience a little easier for you.

A website called Cuddle Clones wants to make it so you never have to live a day without the memory of your pet by creating a plush clone of it using just a handful of photos from different angles. Each clone is custom-made, and the results are incredibly close to the real thing.

While losing a pet is tough and having a little something like this to remind you of them will most certainly be beneficial, it is not limited to just the loss of a pet. If you simply love your pet — these make amazing additions to your home! Great gifts no doubt too!

While the plush clones look incredibly realistic, they do have the essence of being a plush toy.

Prices range from $130 – $200 depending on the size of your pet. But really, who can put a price on happiness and the cuteness of one of these?