This Slot Together Pyramid Planter Garden Is Perfect For Small Outdoor Spaces!

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This pyramid garden is perfect for yards with limited spaces. If you have a large yard, these are great too…that just means you can make multiple!

These planters are super cheap to make too since you can use recycled wood from pallets! The entire project takes roughly and hour and half and minimal wood working skills!

Tools & Materials:

  • 3/4 MDF Board/Wood Planks
  • Square
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Tenon Saw
  • Chisel
  • Sand Paper


First, you need to cut 4 pieces of ¾ board that is 3 ½ x 43 inches as the base tier.

Then create corner slip joints. Take note that the slip joints should have a depth of 1 ¼ inches, but the slip joints for the BASE tier should be 1 ¾ inches deep. This is to ensure stability for the entire planter.

Measure 2 inches from the edge of each plank. Of course, the thickness of these slots should be ¾ where your planks can fit.

For the slots for the above tier, measure 8 inches from the inside edge of the first slot. See picture.

You should always measure inwards, so that your dimensions are even – two inches from the edge of the plank for the bottom slot, and 8 inches from the inside edge of that bottom slot for the slip joint of the above tier. This is the only measurement you have to remember throughout the construction.

Now, just repeat the process with smaller pieces of wood. 

Once completed, simply fill with soil, compost and start planting! 

If you don’t want to use the slot together method…you can simply create the same effect by creating multiple squares like the picture below. 


And here is an example of both methods being combined. 

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