This Smooth Groom Puts On A Wedding Dance To Remember!

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Jeff and Cara Loehrke had just got married and the wedding reception was in full swing. Jeff had a little surprise for the guests however, and it was pretty awesome!

Jeff makes his way to the dance floor, dressed to impress, head down and then boom…Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ starts playing.

This can only mean one thing…Jeff is either going to make a fool of himself trying to attempt Michael’s dance moves, or he is going to nail it. Well…he nailed it.

Jeff’s groomsmen were in on the gig to and halfway through the performance, the bridal party jumped in as well. (The bridal party practiced this dance only via the web, and rehearsed together in person the night before the wedding.)

Pretty awesome stuff! Congrats Jeff and Cara!

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Source : Youtube